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As Deputy Major General of the High Nestian army, Thea Newquist has a reputation to live up to. Often lauded as King Artemis' right-hand-woman, Thea is sworn to uphold the law and keep the peace on the Seventh Star. 


She's put to the test when reports of foreign tech begin popping up in the cities. A handheld Touch communicator is harmless. But what about a blaster? Or high-grade weapons? 


In the middle of a private mission for Art, Thea notices a sketchy, sleek submarine emerging from the depths of the ocean, charting its own path in the waters. Curiosity pushes her to track the vessel; duty prompts her to capture the person who's dropping off a shipment of illegal goods. 


Only... she doesn't expect her prisoner to be a tattooed, fiery-haired brat that simply won't admit defeat. At every turn, the captured Captain fights her tooth and nail, but Thea simply doesn't have the willpower to fight back. Because with every flick of those wild curls and hiss from those pink lips, it was becoming clear that this little omega was about to go into Heat.


And it was up to Thea to get the Captain back to the city before those pulsing pheromones sunk them both.


Never Yours

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