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#4 Seventh Star Series - F/F omegaverse fantasy romance

Eccentric, bookish and downright boring—Zanny Starquist knows exactly what people say about her. An omega who graduated with a doctorate in herbology at just nineteen, she's devoted her career to formulating a natural herb-based vaccine to empower people like herself to go beyond the constraints of their heats, and she's as close as she can ever be.

All she needs is one last herb from the sacred bowers of the lower Nestian mountain tribe of Clovend.

Azura has held the honor of being Chieftain of Clovend for the past twenty years. The tribe respects and adores her, but most importantly, they trust in her ability to keep them safe. After the death of her Mate several years before, the Alpha believes her time for romance is over. She's older now. Wiser. Too practical to be punched in the gut by pale freckles and fiery curls on first sight. Or so she tells herself.

As Zanny works her wide-eyed charm on the unsuspecting Chieftain, Azura's enemies watch from afar, knowing exactly where to strike so that it hurts her the most.

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#3 Seventh Star Series - F/F omegaverse fantasy romance
Duty and desire—can Princess Amaris navigate the tricky world of High Nestian court when her own rival is her dear sister?

Amaris Brimwood knows what's expected of her. She's the heir to the Seventh Star, and as her Sire grows closer to retirement, Ris' time as Queen is fast approaching.

Between honing her skills to lead her people and fighting the omega-leadership bias, her dear mother's pleas to find a mate before she ascends the throne fall on deaf ears. Ris is not looking for anything that will distract her from her duties—certainly not two Alphas nicknamed the Terror Twins.

Yogi Sweetwater and Sage Starquist couldn't be more different. Yogi is a walking tragicomedy, and Sage hardly takes a break from frowning to laugh at her best friend's jokes. After returning from a two-year outstation posting along the borders, the Alphas find themselves in a distinctly uncomfortable situation with Ris in the center. The three of them are scent-compatible, and try as they might, the connection between them is undeniably electric.

The only problem is—there's never been a Royal Nest before.

As the mates try to navigate their relationship without exposing their newfound love, trouble brews in the royal family. Ris is used to biased opposition from her court—after all, she is the first omega Queen to ascend the throne.

But when her opponent is her Alpha sister, things get a little more complicated. And a lot more heartbreaking.

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#2 Seventh Star Series - F/F omegaverse fantasy romance
An upright warrior captures the captain of a smuggling operation, but their torment has just begun…

As Deputy Major General of the High Nestian army, Thea Newquist has a reputation to uphold. Often lauded as King Artemis' right-hand-woman, Thea is sworn to protect the law and keep the peace on the Seventh Star.

However, there have been reports of illegal foreign tech popping up in the cities and suburbs. A handheld Touch communicator is harmless. But what about a blaster? Or high-grade weapons?

No. The situation is untenable.

In the middle of a private mission for the King, Thea notices a sketchy, sleek submarine emerging from the depths of the ocean, charting its own path in the waters. Curiosity pushes her to track the vessel, and duty prompts her to capture the captain who's dropping off a shipment of illegal goods.

Only... She doesn't expect her new prisoner to be a tattooed, fiery-haired brat that simply won't admit defeat. At every turn, the captured captain fights her tooth and nail, and Thea simply doesn't have the willpower to fight back. With every flick of wild curls and hisses from those red lips, it becomes clear that the little omega is about to go into heat.

And it is up to Thea to get the captain back to the city before those pulsing pheromones sink them both.

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#1 Seventh Star Series - F/F omegaverse fantasy romance
A grieving King, a lost island girl, and a love that changes them forever…

After losing her intended Mate, Artemis Brimwood, future King of Nestia, is bereft. Broken. Beyond consolation. There's simply no room in her heart for someone else--anyone else. Yet her mother's incessant pressure to wed and continue the Brimwood name leads Art to Aeryn Sweetwater, an island girl at heart who desires nothing more than her mother and her Alpha's approval. 


But Art doesn't need a Mate; she has no use for one. So she concocts a mutually beneficial scheme with Aeryn: the omega will agree to bear her pups through artificial insemination, and they will lead separate, fulfilling lives. Everyone's happy. 


But there's more to Aeryn than meets the eye, and day after day, Art falls deeper into the spell cast by bouncing curls, milky moonlit skin and a soft, submissive heart. Just as balance returns to Art's life, the past returns to hurt those she loves the most.


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Available 21 June 2022 


In this first of a sexy new sci-fi romance series, a galactic farmer discovers the robot she ordered is actually a flesh-and-blood woman.

Cedra: Running a farm on your own is exhausting and lonely. The Servana 200 service bot I ordered was expensive, but I need the help—and if it can also hold a conversation, it will be worth the price.


When the bot arrives, though, her hair is curlier than I selected, her skin is surprisingly soft, and she’s curvier and more beautiful than I imagined. But do bots tremble at the lightest touch? Do they smell like a heady mix of flowers and hot, sweet blood, teasing my fangs to life?

Technology is truly a marvel. Or is it?

Twyla: Running from a forced engagement is terrifying. But I’m backed into a corner, and my only escape is to crawl into a packing box for a bot modeled after me.

It’s certainly a panic move, but it got me out of one bad situation… And landed me right in the middle of another.


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Lily X is a queer fiction writer with a love for trope-y interracial romance.

Over the past decade, she’s created fantasy worlds for her own entertainment, writing inclusive romance novels to come to terms with her sexuality in a conservative brown family. Now, as a twentysomething queer femme, she is no closer to figuring out what labels mean, but truly believes queer folx have the power to light the world with some much-needed magic.

Technical editor by day and romance enthusiast by night, Lily endeavors to uproot the noticeably thin and white representation in queer fiction to provide a diverse, fantasy-driven take on cliterature.

Lily currently lives in Singapore with an emotional support cat and a partner who taught her how to laugh again. 

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